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Ex-employee files lawsuit accusing Twitter of targeting him for layoffs due to his age

An ex-employee is accusing Twitter of firing him for being too old.

Chris Woodfield, a former senior engineer at Twitter, filed the lawsuit in a Delaware court this week. It marks another lawsuit headed by Mr. Woodfield, who has been at the forefront of other suits relating to Twitter’s massive layoffs last year.

Mr. Woodfield claims in the lawsuit that the massive layoffs unfairly targeted older workers. He didn’t specify his age. The suit also claims that Twitter under Elon Musk has failed to deliver millions in severance payments to employees that were promised them.

According to a similar lawsuit filed in California this month, Twitter owes employees $500 million in compensation.

The newest lawsuit adds to the legal troubles for the social media company. Twitter is being sued by a number of former employees for wrongful termination as well as failure to pay bonuses and severance. Twitter also is in the middle of lawsuits relating to its inability to pay rent for its various offices around the world.

When Mr. Musk took over Twitter last year, he fired nearly half the company’s workforce.

Twitter was unable to respond for comment, as it has disbanded its media relations department.


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