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Unplanned detour turns deadly

WARRENSBURG, N.Y. (NEWS10) – A planned road closure for a bridge replacement over the Northway causing concerns of safety for homeowners along the route. And not just those homeowners, but also their pets. NEWS10 took the drive to Warren County where one family shares their horror story that unfolded Thursday, afternoon.

County Route 11 in Warren County going over the Northway at exit 24 is closed and it is causing a lot of drivers to take another route down Schroon River Road. A family there say they lost a loved one due to the increased speed and traffic.

“Lolla Anne was on my left and we come up here we went to go up on the road and all of a sudden the car came flying down the road,” said Tonya Monroe. Monroe was crossing the road from the family’s farm as she does most days with her family’s beloved nine-year-old pup, Lolla Anne, when the unthinkable happened. “I was on the white line Lolla Anne was headed for the yellow line. I jumped into the dirt pile here and I let go of the leash because I was afraid, they were going to hit me.”  

Tonya saying Lolla Anne, a Pitbull who was a support animal for her son was hit and killed by the speeding vehicle. She says a good samaritan stopped to help.

“She stopped and her and her sister got out and helped me get my son to help get my dog out of the middle of the road because I was hovering over top of her so nobody else would run over her.”

Monroe’s son, Anthonie West telling us traffic has increased since the construction on the Northway began back in April.

“We have three campgrounds on this road, multiple canoe access points and lots of public tourist areas. And there are construction zones actively happening here too,” said West.

On the way up to Warrensburg the NEWS10 crew did pass by several populated areas along some winding roads and blind corners where speeding would be a danger.

The family tells NEWS10 that when the State Police would park along the roadway passing traffic would go slower. But once the State Police presence was gone, they say the speeds picked up again.

The dot responding by saying the signed detour for this project is going southbound, and it takes motorists past exit 24 to exit 23, then back up i-87 northbound to exit 24. The project is on schedule for completion and is expected to finish in November.


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