Shortage of skilled workers hampers Germany’s green transition: survey

FRANKFURT, Germany, July 18 (Xinhua) — German companies committed to making the country’s economy carbon-neutral by 2045 are reporting a shortage of skilled workers, a recent survey published by the German Economic Institute (IW) has found.

Around half of the 744 companies that participated in the survey that was conducted between April and June 2022 said they expected their employees to have to acquire additional green skills by 2025 due to the green transition.

Due to the acute shortage of skilled workers, companies are having difficulties filling their vacancies. Around 60 percent of companies see their efforts to become more sustainable as being hampered by the shortage of skilled workers.

New job openings with green skills, such as electric vehicle maintenance and repair and solar roof tile installation, are found to be difficult to fill due to the shortage of skilled workers.

There is also a shortage of skilled workers in the European Union (EU). A survey covering about 13,000 companies conducted by the European Investment Bank (EIB) between April and July 2022 also found that the lack of qualified workers posed an obstacle to investment in 2022.


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