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Seniors in Sudbury, Ont. teach gardening skills to children | CBC News

A non-profit organization from Sudbury, Ont. is connecting seniors with young children to teach them how to garden.

Sudbury Shared Harvest received $15,534 from the federal government’s New Horizons for Seniors Program to bring some raised garden beds, and expertise to the city’s Jubilee Heritage Daycare.

Amanda Kennedy is a community education outreach program co-ordinator with Sudbury Shared Harvest, and helped set up two raised garden beds at the daycare earlier this summer.

“We planted some strawberries, marigolds, tomatoes and beans in them,” she said.

Kennedy said she has worked on organic farms and is currently studying to become an early childhood educator. 

“So when I saw this, I’m like, ‘Oh that combines these two things. I’m interested in farming and teaching children about growing food and where their food comes from and having that connection to their food,'” Kennedy said.

A small child near a raised garden bed and an older woman watching her on the other side.
Suzanne Dubien, right, is a volunteer with Sudbury Shared Harvest and says she enjoys teaching gardening skills to chldren. (Orphée Moussongo/Radio-Canada)

Suzanne Dubien is a senior and volunteer with Sudbury Shared Harvest.

She said her concerns around climate change were a big motivator to teach young children about gardening.

“The only way that we can cope with it is to do whatever little bits we can,” Dubien said.

“So if every person does something then we’ll accomplish great things and the kids are our future and they need that chance.”

Victoria Skelliter, a preschool educator with the Jubilee Heritage Centre’s Indigenous program, said the program is a great opportunity for children to connect to nature.

“Maybe we teach them now and then they learn how to protect the environment, and the importance of sustainability and growing your own food,” she said.

“I love it. I’m amazed by them everyday. And so I’m super proud.”

Up North5:54Sudbury Shared Harvest brings seniors and preschoolers together

Seniors in Sudbury are planting the seeds of food security by teaching pre-schoolers how to garden. We’ll take you to a local daycare to learn about a special program for little farmers.


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