Gobert Calls Out Draymond Green After Wolves, Warriors Scuffle

The Minnesota Timberwolves and Golden State Warriors played a back-to-back against one another over the last few days, and there were some serious fireworks between the two teams, both in the game and emotionally. Frustrations boiled over early in the second game on Tuesday night, as three players were ejected before anyone even scored a basket. Draymond Green, perhaps unsurprisingly, found himself in the middle of the scuffle, and was eventually ejected. Wolves center Rudy Gobert had some comments about Green following the contest.

Draymond Green Involved In Yet Another Incident

It began with Jaden McDaniels and Klay Thompson pulling at each other’s jerseys, which caused the rest of the players on the court to scramble toward the action. Gobert was one of the first players there, and as he put his hands on Thompson to pull him off away from his teammate, Green rushed in and put Gobert in a headlock that he held on to for a solid 5 seconds.

After a lengthy discussion and review from the game’s officials, McDaniels and Thompson were ejected for their involvement, as was Draymond Green for the retaliatory act on Rudy Gobert.

Wolves Win Against Short-Handed Warriors

The Timberwolves were able to come out victorious against the short-handed Warriors, though Golden State put up a good fight and the score was close in the end. But the bad blood between the two sides didn’t stop after the final whistle, as Gobert took a shot Green in his postgame comments:

Every time Steph doesn’t play, he doesn’t want to play without his guy Steph so he does anything he can to get ejected

Steph Curry was ruled out prior to the game with ankle soreness, and was on the bench in street clothes watching the scuffle go down. There have been plenty of commentary about the late stages of Green’s career being carried by Curry, and Gobert danced along those lines with his comments.

Draymond Green has history with Rudy Gobert (as he does with plenty of other players), so the emotions and the comments stem from years of on-court battles and media quips.

The next time that the Warriors and Timberwolves will square off will be on March 24th in Minnesota.


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