Rishi Sunak Praises Keir Starmer For Backing Tory Two-Child Benefit Cap

That is despite Starmer previously criticising the policy and vowing to scrap it.

At prime minister’s questions, Sunak said: “I welcome the Labour leader’s new found support for our policy.”

That came in response to SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn savaging Starmer over his controversial stance.

He said: “Voters in Scotland are used to child poverty under the Tories – they almost expect it.

“But what they don’t expect is child poverty support from the Labour party.

“If we look very closely right now, there is a shiver running along the Labour front bench looking for a spine.”

Starmer has faced a major backlash from Labour MPs over his decision not to scrap the benefit cap, which prevents families from receiving welfare payments for any more than two children.


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