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Rescue dog kills venomous snake on his doorstep to save foster family

A dog named Wheezy has melted hearts all over the internet when his foster family revealed how he ended up in emergency care after saving them from a venomous snake.

In a post shared on TikTok on Tuesday under the username Camilleandthedogs, the pit bull can be seen at a veterinarian’s office with a swollen face and muzzle, resting as the poster pets him in on head while the vets get his paw ready to take his blood after he fought off the snake to save the family’s puppy.

A caption explained: “POV: you’re waiting with the very best foster boy after he literally body-checked you to get out the door and kill a copperhead that was about to bite your puppy. He was bitten four times but killed the snake without any hesitation. Very grateful for this boy.

“We don’t deserve dogs. This sweet boy did not hesitate in killing a venomous snake last night. He spent the night at the emergency vet and should be just fine.”

dog fights off snake to save family
Pictures of Wheezy before and after the snake bite provided by his foster. The dog fighting off a snake to save his puppy sibling has melted hearts online.
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Camille told Newsweek that Wheezy, who came from a rural shelter in South Carolina, was pulled on his euthanasia day by Operation Save a Shelter Dog and went to live with her as a hospice foster.

“He had really advanced heartworms that the shelter had deemed untreatable,” she said. “So the goal was to make him comfy and let him know he was loved for however long he had left. However, my vet ended up thinking he was a good candidate for treatment so he is now actually on the mend and available for adoption!”

Camille went on to describe her recollection of the event.

“Early this week I heard my personal dog and foster puppy outside, barking in a way that was strange,” she said. “We live in the Southeast U.S. so there are snakes around and I had actually seen one in my neighbor’s yard recently.

“I opened the door to try and call the dogs inside. It was dark outside and I couldn’t see where the snake was exactly but I could see the puppy bouncing around, barking and trying to paw and sniff at something. Before I really had a chance to do much, Wheezy basically almost knocked me over to run out the door.

“He ran STRAIGHT to the snake and snatched it up without hesitation and shook it until it was dead. In the process, he was bitten four times—three times in his muzzle and once in his paw.”

Copperheads are the most common snakes in the eastern part of the U.S. According to National Geographic, their venom is not among the most potent but their bites are rarely deadly. The categories who are most at risk when bitten by one include children, the elderly and immunocompromised people.

“Wheezy is an amazing dog,” Camille added. “He loves every person and every dog he’s ever met. He’s super, super sweet, and has a ton of personality. He deserves an amazing forever family who will love him and spoil him and make him their #1. I’ve gotten a lot of comments about needing to keep him now, but I’m maxed out on personal dogs and always want to have space for more fosters.”

The video quickly went viral on social media, getting views from animal lovers across TikTok. It has received over 545,500 views and 61,700 likes.

One user, pawmaw, commented: “So, I read … ‘Well, I’m keeping this foster now.” And upperLeftCoast added: “Who’s covering his vet bills? Is there a go-fund me? We can help this little guy.” Sadfatbxtch420 said: “Nah, that’s not a foster. That’s family, hopefully, the good boy has a fast recovery.”

Aurora Nicole wrote: “Writes in adoption ad: “Will Defend the Home No Matter What” with a picture of him all puffy cheeked after protecting his sibling from a sneak.” And ConCon & Pepper added: “The waterworks came hard when I saw his lil swollen snoot. what a brave boi!!” Pneuma said: “All the treats and adoption signed like yesterday, this is the best boy!!!!”

Another user, Brandon Lewis, commented: “Adopt him and rename him Copper.” And eknix said: “Omg, what a precious baby protecting you guys like that! it’s true, we really don’t deserve dogs. glad he’s okay!” Kay added: “The best doggo, needs lots of head pats and snuggles.”

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