Selby and Ainsty by-election: Bookmaker bets on Labour victory

The firm also predicts Labour will also win a majority at the next election.

Odds of an astonishing 200/1 are being offered for the Tories to hold their three seats.

The bookmaker says Rishi Sunak’s popularity is on the floor amidst public strikes, cost of living crisis and the failure to stop illegal migration across the Channel.

And the odds suggest more misery is on the way via the ballot box this week – leaving Sir Keir Starmer and Labour predicted to overturn a huge deficit to secure a working majority at the next General Election.


By-Election odds via BonusCodeBets



Labour: 1/10

Conservatives: 8/1

Somerton & Frome:

Lib-Dems: 1/33

Conservatives: 20/1

Selby & Ainsty

Labour: 1/6

Conservatives: 5/1


Conservatives to lose all three seats: 1/4


Conservatives to win all three by-elections: 200/1


General Election odds via BonusCodeBets


Most Seats:

1/6 Lab 1/6

5/1 Cons 5/1



1/2 Lab 1/2

3/1 No overall majority 3/1

8/1 Cons 8/1


PM after next election:

Starmer 1/5

Sunak 6/1

Anyone else 10/1


Sunak to be Tory leader at next election:

YES 1/4

NO 3/1



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