King Charles bought £160K topaz choker for Camilla that looks similar to Diana’s

Queen Camilla, who celebrated her 76th birthday today, wears a plethora of lavish royal jewels both inherited and gifted to her. 

Diamonds Factory Ireland outlined the Queen’s most notable and favourite pieces of royal jewellery for

Pink Top Demi-Parure

Since 2008, Camilla has worn this lovely pink topaz and pearl choker, which was formerly an Edwardian-era brooch from the 1830s that King Charles III purchased at auction in the 2000s for a reported £160,000.

This necklace is ideal for beautiful daytime situations as well as nighttime gatherings due to the grandeur of the core pink topaz and diamond cluster and the six strands of pearls.

The fact that pink topaz is seen to symbolise prosperity, beauty, and well-being suggests why Camilla wore this at Royal Ascot in 2016.

This necklace has also been compared to the one Princess Diana wore when her divorce from King Charles III was publicised.

Engagement ring

This art deco-styled ring was formerly owned by the Queen Mother. Three diamond baguettes flank the five-carat emerald square-cut central diamond on either side. 

Regarding the engagement rings worn by members of the Royal Family, Camilla’s is rumoured to be one of the most expensive in the royal collection.

The ring’s value was assessed by a Diamonds Factory expert to be around £400,000, with the main stone alone retailing for an astounding £150,000.

Greville Tiara

Before she was elevated to her current position, the Greville Tiara became the Queen’s defining royal jewel.

Before it was left to the Queen Mother in 1942, Boucheron originally created the distinctive tiara with its honeycomb motif for Dame Margaret Greville.

The tiara was a favourite of the Queen Mother before her death, and Camilla later made it her distinguishing headpiece after falling in love with it.

Diamond Serpent Necklace

The Queen wore this Diamond Serpent necklace at her first official event—a banquet at Buckingham Palace for the visit of the Norwegian Royal Family in 2005—along with Queen Mary’s Delhi Durbar tiara, which had previously only been seen on the Queen Mother.

This platinum and diamond snake, which is thought to have been a gift from King Charles III to the Queen, was first seen on Camilla in 2001 and has since been seen on her multiple times.

Cubitt-Shand Tiara

The Queen’s grandmother, Sonia Keppel, owned the Cubitt-Shand Tiara, which was given to Camilla after the death of her mother in 1994.

Camilla followed tradition and wore the tiara for her 1973 wedding to her first husband, but did not wear the lovely diamond floral piece for her 2005 wedding to King Charles III.

When Laura Lopes, Camilla’s daughter, wore the tiara during her own wedding in 2006, she carried on this bridal tradition.


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