Ottawa working to prevent further wildfire tragedy after deaths: environment minister


Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault says the federal government is doing everything it can to prevent further tragedy after wildfires claimed three lives last week.

A nine-year-old boy from British Columbia died last week after an asthma attack that is believed to have been exacerbated by wildfire smoke.

Two firefighters were also killed while battling wildfires in the Northwest Territories and British Columbia.

This wildfire season has been worst in recorded history, with thousands of fires scorching more than 110,000 square kilometres of land across the country so far.

More than 885 wildfires are currently burning, 600 of which Guilbeault says are out of control.

Guilbeault says Ottawa has spent more than $65 million since 2021 on the National Wildfire Management Program at Parks Canada, which supports wildfire risk reduction and the hiring and training of specialists.


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