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Naga Munchetty loses patience on BBC Breakfast after Charlie exposes blunder

NAGA Munchetty lost her patience on BBC Breakfast after Charlie Stayt exposed her blunder on today’s show.

This morning Naga and Charlie spoke to sports presenter Mike Bushell about the upcoming Six Nation matches.

Charlie Stayt pointed out Naga Munchetty's live blunder on BBC Breakfast today


Charlie Stayt pointed out Naga Munchetty’s live blunder on BBC Breakfast todayCredit: BBC
Naga sneezed live on air this morning on BBC Breakfast


Naga sneezed live on air this morning on BBC BreakfastCredit: BBC

Shortly after Charlie introduced Mike to viewers, Naga sneezed live on air while they were talking.

Naga quickly apologised and Charlie said: “It’s so excited that Naga is sneezing.”

She replied: “I was hoping taht we were on your signal shot and not my shot and tried to do it really quietly, so I apologise!”

The presenter hid it well as Mike told her: “It was a very subtle sneeze. I didn’t notice actually until Charlie drew attention it.”

Naga then seriously said: “Yeah, thanks Charlie.”

It comes just days after Naga told the show’s weatherman Matt Taylor to get a new job.

Naga and Charlie revealed during Friday’s episode that London’s Victoria and Albert Museum is looking to recruit a Taylor Swift fan.

They asked if Matt was interested in the job, however he said that he doesn’t know enough about the singer.

He said that the only thing that could help him qualify is the fact his surname is Taylor.

Naga made it clear she didn’t mind he didn’t know much about the Shake It Off songstress and went on to imply he should go for it.

BBC Breakfast weatherman open-mouthed as Naga Munchetty tells him to ‘get another job’ seconds before live report

She then branded the role: “Matt Taylor on Taylor”.

Luckily Matt found it funny and started chuckling away, and then got on with the weather report.

Hours before fans pointed out that two stars were missing from a ‘full team’ picture that Jon Kay posted.

The 54-year-old took to social media to share a snap with his co-stars.

Who are the current presenters of BBC Breakfast?

The flagship BBC show has had dozens of presenters during its impressive 40 years on air but the current stars are:

He was joined by Sally Nugent, Nina Warhurst, John Watson and Carol Kirkwood.

Jon said: “Full house! It’s not often that we’re all in the studio together, on the same day.

“Normally at least one of the gang is off doing an outside broadcast somewhere or filming a story – so it was great to have all five of us on the #bbcbreakfast red sofa this morning.

“I genuinely love working with these clever, kind, crazy people – and the equally brilliant team behind the scenes. We thank you ALL for being part of the bigger BBC Breakfast family, as well.”

Followers were quick to point out that Charlie and Naga were nowhere to be seen.

Read more on the Irish Sun

One viewer commented: “Eerrrmmmm forgetting Naga? Is she not part of the A-team?”

A second wrote: “What about Charlie and Naga?”


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