Mackenzie Standifer Shocks Fans By Praising Abusive Convict Ryan Edwards: He Got Closer to Bentley While He Was In Jail!

Ryan Edwards is a severe drug addict, and all of his recent behavior should be viewed through that lens.

But while his substance abuse issues might help to explain his latest tirade, they certainly don’t excuse it.

While under the influence, Edwards stalked and harassed his estranged wife, Mackenzie Standifer, eventually trashing the couple’s house so badly that it was no longer livable.

Last week, Edwards was released from jail so that he could check into court-ordered rehab.

This is another Ryan Edwards mug shot. We’ve lost track how many it’s been now for him. (Photo Credit: Hamilton County Sheriff)

He’ll be back in court next month for an evaluation of his progress.

Needless to say, Ryan has few supporters these days, but to the surprise of many fans, one of them is Maci Bookout.

Maci was in court for one of Ryan’s hearings last month, and in a new interview with TooFab, she revealed that Edwards’ recent troubles have actually made him a better father to their teenage son, Bentley.

Maci Bookout on MTV Episode
Maci Bookout isn’t sure how to handle Ryan Edwards being the father of her son. We totally get it. (Photo Credit; MTV)

“Obviously with all the crap that went down, and him being in jail now, we’re still in a good place,” Maci told the site (via The Ashley’s Reality Roundup).

“And, actually, we speak to each other very consistently and often,” Maci added.

“But it’s obviously just different now because it’s not in-person and he’s not out here in the real world. We’re still going in a good direction.”

Maci Bookout on the MTV
Maci Bookout on an episode of Teen Mom OG, the show that made her famous. (Photo Credit: MTV)

Maci went on to reveal that she and Ryan basically started from scratch after having no relationship at all for several years.

“I think time definitely helped but us being able to genuinely have a conversation and make commitments to each other as far as what our role is to make a better relationship, and really start a relationship because we haven’t had one in so long,” she said.

In a separate interview with Us Weekly, Maci revealed that she believes Ryan is ready to bounce back after hitting rock bottom.

“I think as crazy as it is, because he is in jail right now, he shows up and communicates with Bentley, I think, more consistently now than he ever has, which is mind-blowing,” she told the outlet.

“Although Ryan made really bad decisions and is paying the consequences for them, I’m glad to see that that hasn’t stopped him from showing up or, like, calling and communicating because in the past that would’ve halted everything,” Maci added.

She went on to say that her son is sadly accustomed to seeing his father in various lowly states.

Maci Bookout in Blue
Maci Bookout laughs it up here during an episode of Teen Mom OG in 2021. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“With Bentley being older and unfortunately this not being the first time that something has happened [with Ryan], Bentley and I have always had an extremely close relationship, but also a very open and honest relationship,” she said.

“So for us I think just being straightforward and, ‘Here’s what’s going on,’ and then really just making sure that Bentley knows that we’re there for him and if needs anything or has questions or wants to talk about how to deal with something, just being there to support him through it.”

Maci went on to reveal that Ryan struggled mightily during his most recent lockup, but she believes that the worst is behind him.

“[Ryan had] rough patches just dealing with mental health [issues]… it’s a crazy world on the inside,” Maci said.

Maci Bookout Talks to Taylor
Maci Bookout talks to an off-screen Taylor in this scene from an episode of Teen Mom OG. (Photo Credit: MTV)

“At the same time, it’s like, yeah, but don’t do stupid sh-t,” she continued.

“Yes, I will always be afraid that there’s that chance that it’s gonna be a disaster. But I think at the same time I’m just, like, I know what I can do and what I can’t do and … that’s all I can do, and I’m confident in that.”

We wish both Ryan and Maci all the best as they move forward and attempt to rebuild.


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