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Full LRT shutdown blamed on bearing issue | CBC News

The full length of the LRT’s Line 1 closed Monday afternoon due to an issue with a train bearing, OC Transpo says.

In a tweet at about 5 p.m. Monday, OC Transpo said LRT service from Tunney’s Pasture to Blair stations had stopped and all stations were closed due to a “technical issue.”

In a memo to the mayor and councillors, OC Transpo general manager of transit services Renée Amilcar said a routine inspection revealed an issue with a bearing.

Amilcar said the decision to end service was made “in an abundance of caution.”

R1 replacement bus service is running the length of LRT Line 1 until further notice, OC Transpo said Monday.

The derailment of a train in August 2021 involved a wheel that was severed from the axle due to a “catastrophic bearing failure,” according to the Transportation Safety Board (TSB).

In a February 2023 letter to city officials, the TSB said the problems that caused the derailment in August 2021 and a component failure in July 2022 “continue to pose a risk to safety until the issues are resolved.”

Testimony at the LRT public inquiry suggested a larger problem: that the way the wheel meets the rail on sharp curves puts too much stress on train components including the bearings.

In response to the TSB, Amilcar wrote in a February memo to council that OC Transpo had already undertaken several measures to fix the issues.

These measures included daily inspections of all light rail vehicles and a directive to inspect bearing assemblies every 7,500 kilometres.


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