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Storm brings more flood damage across the Capital Region

CAPITAL REGION, N.Y. (NEWS10) — It’s just what they didn’t want to see in Saratoga County, more rain. Leslie Morlock from the Saratoga National Historical Park said previous downpours had already damaged hiking trails and roads around Saratoga National Historical Park. Now today’s storm.

“And as a result of that and the heavy rains, and the water moving through the area, and converging on this area, water flowed down our entrance road here and crossed over,” Morlock said.

The flooding caused damage to the park’s eastern entrance at Route 4 and numerous locations around the park. Park officials are still evaluating the damages but expect the cost of repairs to be hundreds of thousands of dollars and take months to complete.

“So we will need to bring in engineers and have a safe design,” Murlock said. “This all before we can allow traffic to come through this area.”

In Guilderland, one family’s backyard and basement are now underwater.

“Yep, as soon as that heavy rain started, it came over,” Roxanne Brammer said.

Roxanne Brammer and her husband say the town has been unable to help, and flooding has always been an issue at their location.

“They’ve been down here several times and done nothing,” she said. “They get the highway department involved and come down and do the same thing. ‘We’ll do something’…nothing.”

They looked into purchasing flood insurance but have avoided it since that will double their homeowner’s insurance. News10 contacted Guilderland’s Department of Water for comment- but has not returned our messages. In the meantime, the Brammers will have to find the funds to replace their boiler and furnace…again.


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