King set to scrap his summer tradition with ’emotional’ holiday to Balmoral

King Charles will undoubtedly be travelling up to Balmoral in the Scottish Highlands next month, as many members of the Royal Family do every year for their summer holiday.

However before ascending to the throne Charles would normally spend a week in August at the Castle of Mey in Caithness, right on the northern tip of Scotland, which once belonged to the Queen Mother.

One royal expert has suggested that the King will not make the trip to Mey this year as in accordance with “traditional protocol” he may want to spend the whole break at Balmoral.

Charles has his own private property on the Balmoral estate, Birkhall, where he and Queen Camilla stayed following Queen Elizabeth’s death last year.

Former royal butler Grant Harrold has claimed it will be an “emotional” visit for the King this summer, particularly as his mother died at Balmoral almost one year ago.

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Mr Harrold said in an interview with Spin Genie: “The King has already got his own private home at Balmoral. Now, he’s a huge believer in traditional protocol. He will go up to Scotland at the end of this month.

“And historically, he goes up to the Castle of Mey, which he is a trustee of. He would always spend the week there. I don’t think he will be going this year.

“My gut is telling me that he will do the whole ceremony of arriving at Balmoral. He’ll divide his time between Balmoral and back home.”

The former butler added that this trip to Balmoral will be one of “mixed emotions” for the King as he has been going there for many years with his late father and mother.

Now the “main man”, it will fall to Charles to keep up with events such as hosting the Ghillies Ball, but he will have friends and close staff members nearby to comfort him.

Mr Harrold continued: “Balmoral Castle is the place where he said goodbye to his mother, the Queen. It’s where she died, and spent her last memories.

“He’s aware that’s where his mother spent the last days of her life. So, there will be many emotions going through his head. I believe she chose to pass there, it was her favourite place to be.

“It’s a place where the Royal family can get away from everything and be together as a unit. The kind of character Charles is, he’ll go up there like all of us who have been in a similar situation, and he’ll put on a brave face and carry on.

“He’s also very close to the staff up there. They’ve always got on very well with the family. A lot of them will be deeply missing the Queen. Don’t forget, the King has guests when he’s up there. He has friends that often come up to stay with him.”


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