My husband’s BFF made a wild comment at our wedding – they were hiding a secret

A SUGGESTIVE comment made by her husband’s best friend at their wedding piqued one woman’s interest.

Upon further investigation, she realized the pair had betrayed her.

A freshly married woman realized that her husband had been hiding a secret from her


A freshly married woman realized that her husband had been hiding a secret from herCredit: Getty

Redditor -Calm-Palpitation-, confused and at a loss, asked for marriage advice in a post.

She explained that while she’d never had any qualms with her husband’s female best friend from college, new information arrived after her wedding that gave her pause.

Her maid of honor informed her that at her wedding, the best friend had said something wildly out of pocket.

“[She] overheard her snapping at another friend of theirs that ‘she has him when she wants him’ when the friend teased her that she lost him and he was the one who got away,” she wrote.

After letting the worry simmer as the two enjoyed their honeymoon, she confronted her husband.

“He denied anything happened between them. He was very calm when he said it. Almost too calm?” she said.

Despite her suspicions, she decided to place her trust in him — that is, until she took a peek at his messages when her phone died.

“He was driving and I was making a playlist on his phone. Then I looked through his iMessages and he had NO thread with her,” she said.

“I mean I know for a fact that they text. Nothing.”

In an update, she revealed that after digging further, she realized the two were definitely hiding something.

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“I went through his deleted messages but it was empty so he has been deleting the deleted messages as well,” she wrote.

Since she didn’t have a way to recover the deleted messages, she decided to do a bit of undercover work.

“I sent her “’wyd’ because this is how he texts when he is bored. She said she was in bed, I said I (he) was in bed too watching Succession. She asked if I was sleeping,” she said.

After a bit of small talk, the best friend quickly revealed why her husband had been deleting their messages.

He denied anything happened between them. He was very calm when he said it. Almost too calm?

Redditor -Calm-Palpitation-

“Then it didn’t take long before she started sexting. In a way that made it obvious that they’ve done it multiple times. I ended it quickly because honestly I felt nauseous,” she said.

After sending herself all the evidence of his infidelity, she settled on a game plan for her next steps.

“Tomorrow I will be moving back to my parents place and start the divorce. I will not tell him why,” she revealed.

Well-intentioned commenters explained that a divorce may not even be necessary.

“I just want you to know you are within the legal time limit for an annulment and it’s much more desirable than divorce,” said one commenter.

“You might be able to simply get your marriage annuled. This early into it, it would be easier than a full fleged divorce,” agreed another.

Some believed that while her discovery was unfortunate, it saved her pain and suffering in the long run.

“It’s a good thing you found out now though, before y’all spent that much more time together,” wrote one commenter.

“I hope this process is easy and as painless as possible, you’re better off.”

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The newly single woman couldn’t agree more, thankful for her freedom.

“Exactly, I count myself lucky,” she replied.


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