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Does The Barbie Movie Troll Zack Snyder’s Justice League? – THE USA PRINT

With the release of the film Barbie of Greta Gerwig getting closer, fans are speculating about the plot and the possible nods that the film could do. Although the film’s story is kept secret, the director has mentioned that disco music and musicals as The Wizard of Oz –

Does the Barbie movie troll Zack Snyder's Justice League?99%were sources of inspiration for the project, which has left fans with even more intrigue and curiosity.

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Faced with the uncertainty and bewilderment caused by the live-action movie of the most famous plastic doll, fans have begun to develop their own theories about what the Barbie movie could entail. However, one theory in particular has drawn attention, relating to possible pranks on Zack Snyder’s Justice League – Does the Barbie movie troll Zack Snyder's Justice League?82%. Surprisingly, fans have focused their attention on one of the promotional images for the film, which shows ryan gosling, Ncuti Gatwa and Kingsley Ben Adir playing Ken.

Fans believe this image is a clue that the movie could make references to the DC movie directed by zack snyder in the Marvel style, especially since Kingsley Ben-Adir is known for his role in the series Secret Invasion – 73%. Although this information is not official, the theory has been presented on social networks, however, it has not been the only one of them.

On the other hand, the rumors about the sexual orientation of Barbie, interpreted by margot robbie, have also generated attention among fans. Some believe that Barbie could be portrayed as a lesbian in the film. This speculation stems from a moment when the iconic lesbian figure, kate mckinnongives Barbie the choice between a high heel and a Birkenstock, which some fans have taken as a sign.

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Additionally, fans have noted Barbie’s lack of interest in her boyfriend Ken in the film, and the obvious chemistry between Barbie and Gloria, played by America Ferrera, a Mattel employee who accompanies Barbie in the real world. One scene in particular in which Gloria asks Barbie to get in her car has led some to describe the look between the two as a longing look, similar to the ones they elicit in Carol- Does the Barbie movie troll Zack Snyder's Justice League?94%an iconic film about lesbian love.

Another theory suggests that Ken could become an antagonist in the film, exploring themes like gender roles and misogyny. Upon embarking in the real world, Ken, who is completely dependent on Barbie and is known primarily as her boyfriend, could become corrupted or begin to resent Barbie’s independence, even trying to sabotage Barbie’s journey.

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As we approach the premiere of Barbie, fan theories keep popping up, from possible pranks to the Snyder Cut to speculation about Barbie’s sexual orientation. Although there is no official confirmation on these theories yet, fans are eager to find out what the film will reveal and how it will address these issues. But, all this, you will be able to discover on July 20, the date on which the film will finally arrive in theaters around the world, together with oppenheimer of Christopher Nolan.


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