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Daycare kids in Saskatoon witness dramatic arrest of break-and-enter suspect | CBC News

Meagan McCloy says parents dropping off their kids at her Saskatoon daycare Tuesday morning watched the dramatic arrest of a break-and-enter suspect.

It happened just before 9 a.m. CST at 402 Shea Cres. in the city’s west end.

“I watched it all unfold, it was scary,” McCloy said in an interview.

“So as my daycare kids are being dropped off, there are cops with their guns out yelling, ‘Get on the ground, get on the ground,’ and the mother was like, ‘Get back in the car, there’s guns.'”

McCloy said neighbours first became suspicious Monday night when they noticed the garage door open on the house, which is for sale and is supposed to be unoccupied.

Police service dog Yanga caught the suspect climbing a fence. (Saskatoon Police Service)

It was still open the next morning. McCloy said a neighbour suspected someone was in the house and called police.

In a news release, police said officers spotted the man inside when they arrived. They ordered him out of the house — then he came out a second floor window and went into a neighbour’s yard.

“I saw the guy trying to climb the fence and another cop was in the alley climbing the fence and trying to get him off,” McCloy said.

That’s when the suspect met police service dog Yanga. The K-9 officer latched onto the man.

The 29-year-old suspect was taken to hospital for treatment of his injuries. He appeared in provincial court Wednesday — limping visibly — charged with break and enter, obstruction and breach of court orders.


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