Daniel Weinman claims $12.1m prize at Poker World Series

Daniel Weinman displays his championship bracelet and bundles of cash after winning the World Series of Poker Main Event.—AP
Daniel Weinman displays his championship bracelet and bundles of cash after winning the World Series of Poker Main Event.—AP

In a historic moment for the world of poker, Daniel Weinman emerged as the champion of the 2023 World Series of Poker (WSOP) Main Event, securing a staggering prize of $12.1 million. 

Weinman’s remarkable victory came after he outlasted an astounding field of 10,043 participants, earning his share of the largest-ever prize pool in live poker, a jaw-dropping $93,399,900.

In addition to the substantial monetary reward, the 35-year-old Weinman also had the honour of claiming the prestigious WSOP Main Event bracelet. This extraordinary piece of jewellery boasts an impressive 500 grams of 10-karat yellow gold, adorned with 2,352 precious gemstones.

Reflecting on his triumph, Weinman expressed his initial hesitation about participating in the tournament. He acknowledged his concerns about the direction of poker, but the overwhelming turnout at the World Series this year proved him wrong. Weinman confessed that winning the main event felt surreal, considering the significant element of luck involved in poker tournaments. However, he believed he played exceptionally well throughout the competition.

When asked about his plans for the winnings, Weinman chose to keep his intentions private, mentioning a potential inclination to invest the money cautiously. While he admitted to enjoying high-stakes gambling, he emphasised his cautious approach outside the poker table.

The significance of Weinman’s victory was not lost on World Series of Poker Senior Vice President and Executive Director Ty Stewart. In a press release, Stewart acknowledged the event’s historic nature, remarking on the 17-year milestone of determining the winner of the largest Main Event in the history of WSOP. He lauded Weinman’s emphatic performance against a massive field of participants, expressing excitement about honouring him by displaying his picture in the new Gallery of Champions Exhibit at the Horseshoe next year.

Daniel Weinman’s achievement will forever hold a special place in the annals of live tournament poker. His record-breaking triumph at the World Series of Poker Main Event not only showcased his skill and perseverance but also symbolised the enduring allure and excitement of the game.


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