Heavy fine imposed on PVF for missing AVC Cup

ISLAMABAD: The Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) clamped $20,000 fine on the Pakistan Volleyball Federation (PVF) for missing the AVC Challenge Cup held recently in Chinese Taipei.

The Foreign Office had refused permission to the PVF on the day of team’s departure making it impossible for the federation to communicate the organizers seven days in advance as was required under the law.

Now the PVF has requested the Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) to help them out as the federation already paid for tickets which were non-refundable.

Our team was scheduled to depart on July 5 for Chinese Taipei and we were informed at the last minute that the foreign office has not issued NOC to the volleyball team for participation in the AVC Cup under One China Policy.

The AVC has fined $20,000 (copy of penalty invoice attached) for non-participation under the Asian Volleyball Confederation rules as we were not given NOC to participate on the recommendations of Foreign Office.

It was explained to the foreign office that despite One China Policy, even teams of China go and participate in Taiwan and vice versa as Taiwan plays under the name of Chinese Taipei as per IOC instructions. Our correspondence was also with Chinese Taipei Volleyball Association, as Taipei is affiliated with AVC and FIVB, as a result of this decision of the government of Pakistan not to issue NOC for participation, Pakistan Volleyball Federation has suffered a loss of Rs13 million.

We are a poor sport organisation and cannot afford such huge loss as we collect money through sponsorship and donations with a lot of difficulty. If we do not pay the penalty of $20,000 immediately which has been imposed by the AVC, future participation of the Pakistan volleyball team in all competitions will be in jeopardy.


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